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November 2012 marks 15 years of honing our approach and process. To that end, our approach can be summed up quickly; we aim to boost the success of your business.

From the start we help you effectively communicate your best offer. We accomplish this first by deeply listening to your needs. Along with hearing what is being said we listen for what isnít. We recognize that weíre only as good as our ability to ask the right questions. We learned early on that if you donít know where youíre going, you may wind up there.

Due diligence fosters our process of discovery where we gain greater understanding of your business goals and objectives. The foundation on which we build success is coupled with an appreciation for and an understanding of both your short term and long term goals and objectives. This premise paves the way to advising you on the best strategies to get you where you want to go.

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"Sandy has been a great asset over the years. I was initially impressed with the amount of due diligence she required for my website's creation. But as my business strategies have morphed to meet market demands, she's helped a great deal with timely modifications to achieve these objectives. Sandy's my partner for visibility and prominence in the online world."

Chris Hall
Chris Hall & Associates

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