Focusing your sites on the world

You might be surprised how easy it can be to get someone's undivided attention when you partner with the right company.

  • Planning is critical to the success of any marketing initiative. All too often, small business owners take shortcuts in an effort to save time and money. You want to establish a solid foundation to get where you want to go, faster. We help by pointing you in the right direction.

  • First impressions count. Effective website design takes a partner who works with you from the business point of view. People form opinions of your company instantly. You want that first impression to build credibility and engage interest. We create lasting first impressions.

  • Your customers don't live in your world. You live in theirs. Word of mouth travels fast these days. You want to resonate, stay top of mind and participate in the business world. We empower business owners to drive success, get noticed and grow.

  • A compelling website is not enough. You want your marketing efforts to expand the capabilities of a static website. We support you with options designed to enhance for added value.

"Sandy Gibson is that rarest of IT professionals who combines technical excellence with perfect pitch in understanding and communicating with her clients. I spent six months, and a lot of money, working with another group of computer whizzes who never "got it." In our first conversation, Sandy asked me a series of questions that helped me reframe my needs, and in six weeks she had exactly the website I wanted up and running. Her work on my website, e-newsletter, and graphics is an integral part of my marketing strategy. My only question is: Why did I wait so long to call Sandy?" Beth Bloomfield PCC, CMC, Bloomfield Associates

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